Castle Crashing

Session 5

Island Hopping

Rocks crash into the sea sending the Salty Dog rocking as it raises anchor. The crew give Cap’n Red a brief description of what happened and pass over all the jewels they found. The Cap’n assures our heroes the loot will go toward provisions, funding the next adventure. One stone, a shattered ruby, feels almost hot to the touch, and is thus given back to Cloe as it seems to be more than a mere stone. The crew looks over their takings, toying with the monocle and letting Marco try to translate Felisci’s diary. Wondering where to pawn these artifacts, the Cap’n responds saying he knows a member of the Invisible College named Dr. Svenson who is currently in Avalon. That, and nobles are always known for their love of trinkets, so perhaps one of the Vodacce princes would be interested, perhaps the current head of the Felisci family?

Marco, muttering a few random facts from the diary, mentions something about a moving island. As the party unanimously decides this should be their next stop, that look of worry washes over his face and he curses himself for the inevitable trouble he just steered himself into. He does also mention the beast in the tower, which it turns out was Carlos Felisci’s son Anthony, or at least was until he was given Sidhe blood. Ren connects the dots and now understands why the iron broadsword cut through the creature with such ease. Of course Marco can not persuade the group to reconsider Avalon or Vodacce, and the crew sets sail back to Kalivinyard to restock.

Cloe and Ren decide to find someone to help look over the strange items they’ve found and come across Dibbler selling “BEER” to those with an adventurous spirit. Meanwhile, Yuri decides to help with the ship and is put in charge of restocking the alcohol for their next voyage. Marco ends up having to go back and renegotiate. Then, off to the island!

Or at least where the island should be. However, there is something off the port side. Heading in that direction, the crew’s suspicions are confirmed. They have found an island that does not stay put. As they move to pass the mile-wide mystery, cut wood is spotted sticking out of the water just off shore behind the island, leaving lacing ripples behind. When they pass the island, our heroes slip off in a side boat and hit shore. After exploring only a few minutes they are captured by men in wooden masks and brought before a large boiling pot in the center of a small village. A robust native comes out of an opulent stilted hut with two women behind him and speaks Avalonian. Yuri tries negotiation while Cloe attempts to use her pocket magic to pull out a knife and escape. This brings attention to her and a death sentence as she is labeled “witch” by the natives. The rest of the group is told they may leave, but the witch must stay so that her sacrifice may please their gods. Yuri pleads with the elder, and negotiates all of their freedom on the grounds the “witch” Cloe can rid their temple of evil spirits.



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