La Bucca

“No King. No Church. A nation of equals is what I offer you.
Join me and we shall sail the waves, united and free.” ~Allende

The fortress island of La Bucca was once the most infamous prison in all of Thea.
Now it is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Coast, a nation of pirates.

The island spans about a thousand square miles.
On the north beach, two towering fortresses overlook the bay. Each fortress is equiped with ten twenty-pound cannons. Approaching ships are given one, and only one, warning shot.
The south beach is almost all rock, spanned with an enormous wall armed with thirty guns every four miles.
The east coast of the island is a mix of mountain and forrest.

There is also a shanty town on the west coast of the island, watched over by the multitude of pirate ships entering and leaving at all times of the day and night. There are dry docks for repair with some of the world’s most skilled craftsmen, general goods, and bars a plenty.

This is the location of The Captain’s Daughter.

La Bucca

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