Avalonian Sailor


Ren is an Avalonian sailor skilled in various arts from bomb making to forgery.


Avalonian R/W
Thean R/W


Ren “Jiz” Yakum is Avalonian born and raised. His first time on a boat was at age six with his father. Impatient with his studies, Ren dabbled in any subject he could find information on and has had some schooling from all parts of Avalon. He’s confident that once he knows what he wants from life, nothing will be able to stop him from obtaining it. Having been left a sizable inheritance from his father, Ren’s never really been short on money. As a result, he’s apt to blow large amounts of it haphazardly, especially if he’s been drinking. He’s somewhat paranoid, and a bit skittish about combat. Ren won’t hesitate to run from a fight, although he’ll usually turn around and fire a few arrows back into the fray if his companions refuse to flee. Just don’t ask how he got the nickname “Jiz”.


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