Montaigne noble and swordsman.


Charles is a noble and swordsmand searching for revenge.


Montainge R/W


Charles-Geneviéve-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d’Éon de Beaumont was born Guerdi 5 Octavus to a Louis d’Éon de Beaumont and Françoise Chanton alongside his beautiful twin sister, Lea de Beaumont. He grew up in the city of Paix in the tiny province of Surlign. He is a small framed gentleman of noble blood, standing 5 foot tall. He is always elegantly dressed in the latest Montaigne fashions of the court, usually wearing his blonde locks tied back in a ribbon of accenting color to his attire. He carries a fencing epée of silvered filigree and decorative silver main-gauche. He is a very attractive individual with beautiful green eyes and a smile that could melt the coldest courtier’s heart. He is deeply friendly and prefers his friends and acquaintances call him d’Éon, in honor of father, of whom he is constantly referred for his great pride.

D’Éon’s father, Louis was a prominent lawyer working for l’Empereur in the city of Paix at the time of his children’s birth. The birth of his children was darkened by the death of his beautiful wife in childbirth. Being a noble, this didn’t really have too much affect upon his personal life, but the life of his children was deeply tumultuous due to this life fate had thrust upon them. Lea was a darkly moody child who grew distant from all but her dearly beloved brother. On her 14th birthday, she and her father had a terrible argument that led to her leaving to become a member of the Empereur’s court. This turn of events led to a more peaceful existence for d’Éon, but he deeply missed his sister.

Due to the change in life, Louis found himself with a little more time on his hands in his old age and spent it molding his spoiled son into a man. D’Éon was sent to a small school in Paix to learn the trade of his father as a lawyer. He was a natural orator, so he found no trouble playing the game of politics with his peers and even his instructors, former and current members of the Empereur’s court. Shortly into his school career, his father, Louis became ill and died. He receded deeply into his studies withdrawing from all save his sister, with whom he had always been in correspondence. She was away visiting the court of Ussura at her father’s death, but her letters were of the greatest condolence to her brother.

A year following his father’s death, Lea returned to Paix to visit her brother. They were now 28. During her stay, Lea confided in her brother, the last person in Théah she could trust, that she had not been just a lady of the court, but rather a member of the Empereur’s group of spies, named le Secret de l’Empereur. She had just returned from a mission in Ussura, where she had been spying on the wife of Ilya, Ketheryna. She believed that her cover had been blown by one of the court nobles and had fled to Montaigne to report to the Empereur and seek asylum in his court. She feared that an assassin had been dispatched, but was uncertain as to the truth of such a fear. D’Éon was at a loss for words at his sister’s confession, but did his best to allay her fears.

She stayed a week longer with her brother before leaving Paix for Charoux to deliver her report. Three days following her departure from Paix, her body was discovered in her Charoux estate with a note stabbed into her chest. The single word “Spitzel,” an Eisen vulgarity for spy was written in blood on the note. D’Éon was beside himself with grief, as Lea was his last surviving family member. He left the school and moved to Charoux, where he offered himself in service to l’Empereur in the stead of his sister. He moved into her stately home and took to attempting to track down her killer.

One evening, two years following his sister’s death, after a lavish party celebrating his graduation from his training in the Valroux swordsman school, a strange incident happened. He still isn’t too sure if it was the wine or if he really did see his sister’s ghost moving through the home. He followed her form and a trail of glowing blood to her chambers, which had been locked since her death. Upon entering her old room he found her glowing form pointing to gilded light fixture that appeared loose from the wall. Upon further inspection, he found that the fixture was actually a false panel hiding a compartment housing a single key on a golden chain. He took the chain and found that Lea’s form had disappeared from sight.

On a fateful day a few weeks from the odd incident, d’Éon found the long dead trail of his sister’s murderer. His rage turned to drive when he found that not only had she been murdered before giving her report to l’Empereur, but that her killer had stolen her diary and was now looking for the key he had discovered, a key that would unlock the truth of her mission. D’Éon found the incident to be a sign that his sister wanted him to finish her mission and decided to leave Charoux to find the diary. Her killer was reported to be a Vaticine monk from Ussura named Aleksei who was staying at the house of a Vaticine Monsignor in Paix, Dimitri. He informed l’Empereur of his plan to reclaim the diary and finish his sister’s work and left for Paix. Upon arrival, d’Éon sought the employ of an Eisen bodyguard, Mosca. Following the trail of clues, the duo broke into the Monsignor’s home and confronted the mysterious killer. The duo found that the man was a difficult person to fight due to the fact that he was a Pyeryem user. At the end of the battle, Aleksei, who had the upper hand, launched a series of attacks on Mosca that would have proven to be fatal had d’Éon not been there to make a final push against the mage, saving Mosca’s life and driving Aleksei to flee the estate. After the grueling battle, the duo ransacked the place, searching for Lea’s lost diary, only to find Aleksei’s diary detailing his moves over the past few years since Lea’s death and a few cryptic plans for his future moves in search of the key and a missing volume of Lea’s diary, telling of her secret mission. Driven to find the diary before it fell into Ussuran hands, the two men vowed to follow the trail wherever it would lead in order to finish the mission.


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