Castle Crashing

Session 9

Return to Knight

The night is filled with laughter and beer and whoring, the group left without energy. All but El Cid, who would rather win a woman over with his wit than with a stranger’s coin. He spends the time enjoying himself, but has plans to check out this burned ship. Waiting until just before sunrise, he sneaks into the dry dock and examines the damage to La Femme Fierté, “The Lady’s Pride.” He discerns where fire splashed against her hull, mostly from a single side. He boards the ship and has a look around, though cannot seem to pick the lock to the captain’s private chambers. With the sun about to peak over the horizon in an hour or so, he decides to make his leave. Unfortunately, the repair foreman and some of his employees are there to get an early start on the day. He tries to talk his way out of a fight, but the crude islanders don’t enjoy his articulation and set upon him with club and hammer. A few blows exchange with El Cid the victor, sending all but the foreman into flight or slumber. The foreman surrenders, though all El Cid requests is information about the damage. The foreman tells the story of El Incendio, a pirate known for attacking with fire.

That morning, Cap’n Red returns to the ship with two teenage girls he introduces as Dawn and Eve – hands of Lorraine Bouchard. Red announces that after hearing of the terrible attack upon Catpain Bouchard, he has decided to help her track down a stolen item. The heroes, distracted by whether El Incendio uses alchemist’s fire or true El Fuego Adentro, didn’t hear Cap’n Red mention what the item was. They make sail for L’eau Noir.

When they arrive, they split into groups to find information on this El Incendo character. After pressing the port master and some guards, it seem El Incendo is attacking Montaigne ships specifically. Cap’n Red sends Marco off to get a flag so they can pretend to be a Montaigne merchant vessel and draw out their target. They also hear of a museum in town, the Don Hernando Museum, is reopening under Montaigne orders with a special exhibit. Seems part of the Heart of El Fuego is housed under guard and glass as the central draw. El Cid decides to go check it out.

While there, he crosses eyes with a beautiful young woman also interested in the jewel. He approaches her with his infamous introduction. She tells him her name is Daphnie and that she is in town to visit the museum – Seems they share a fondness for artifacts. He spends the afternoon infatuated with her as they walk and talk, eventually finding their way to a cramped book store where he finds a book about Sidhe, the Avalon fae creatures. Our blushing hero seems to be short on pocket cash, but Daphnie offers to pay for him.

At the same time, Cloe and Yuri hunt down the Montaigne commander of this area, and find him talking with Wandering Andre as they walk hurriedly down the road. Andre is worried about the safety of the museum after hearing a rumor that Rochelle is back in town. The commander dismisses his concern and continues on while Andre is approached by our heroes. He urges them to help him stand vigil this night to watch the museum, to which Cloe agrees.

Everyone seems to meet up at the museum just an hour or so before closing.



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