Castle Crashing

Session 8

A Growing Crew

Having braved the depths of a mysterious cave, slaying the beasts within, and then fending off the blood-thirsty ghouls, our heroes finally find themselves back aboard the Salty Dog. Cap’n Red looks over the new recruits. Having expected the crew to return with treasures, he’s a bit dissapointed in instead having more mouths to feed. Cloe and Yuri vouch for the strangers, but Cap’n Red is more impressed by their willingness to work the ship on the week-long voyage back to La Bucca.

Mosca spends his time during the voyage learning the ways of sailing. Thadeus, Xavier’s protege, shows Mosca around and teaches him about knotwork, tar, etc. Charles adjusts to sharing his space with brutes. El Cid, when not doing his part to help the crew, spends his time in his books. With the help of Marco, figures out that the monocle they have been using can show fate strands – something only the Fate Witches of Vodacce normally are able to see.

Pulling in to the bay of La Bucca, the crew makes note of a ship being pulled into a dry dock that looks like it was badly burned. Charles offers to pay Cap’n Red the docking fee so they don’t have to drop anchor in the bay and row to shore. The Cap’n gives Marco command and heads off in a set direction, but something is amiss. Marco is busy making sure the crew resupplies and repairs before they get leave.

Our heroes take some time to unwind, mostly by visiting The Captain’s Daughter, a pub and whorehouse with a featured game – Two men at a time may fight for a chance to climb the rope hanging in the middle of the room. At the top of the rope sits a busty girl in her late teens, holding a pint of ale. Those who make it to the top may get a kiss from the girl and a free drink, as well as the praise of the patrons watching. After a bit of gambling and drinking, Yuri decides to try his hand at the feat. A well muscled Castillian approaches as his opponent, and after a moment when Yuri looks to have failed, the man is brought down with a well placed tackle and body-slammed into submission. Yuri climbs the rope and takes his prize. He descends just as Charles walks in with five of the most high class Jennys the crew has seen and everyone enjoys the evening.

Cloe, not one for drinking or whoring, spends this time trying to find out what is bothering her captain. She makes her way to the docks where she uses her spyglass to look a the burned hull of the ship they saw earlier. A strange feeling causes her to turn where she sees a young lady in leathers and lace watching her openly. The girl introduces herself as Eve and informs Cloe that she will be seeing her again the following day. Cloe presses Eve as the girl walks away and finds the girl works for Lorraine Bouchard, the only female pirate captain known. There is some connection between Lorraine and Cap’n Red, it seems.



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