Castle Crashing

Session 7

Escape from Monkey Island

Having banded together by the defeat of a common enemy, our heroes exchange names and stories, each explaining how they arrived in such an odd location. Having already searched upstairs, the team decides to brave the dark hallway leading sideways from the room with the corpses – A hallway that turned out to be a deadly trap.

Yuri, in his wolf form, leads the group down the hall with minimum damage. Once they cross, their progress is stopped by a floor to ceiling stone set of doors carved with graven images. El Cid breaks out his books tries to unpuzzle this new riddle. Cloe, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the door, feeling the coldness of the void on the other side in a size she’s never experienced before.

The group traverses the trapped hallway once more as they leave the insidious door behind them. Once again the damage is minimal, but compounded. El Cid, with his inquisitive nature, believes he can understand the console with the buttons strewn across it and begins reading again. The others try the hallway again, but the damage from the traps adds up to the point of knocking out their wolf friend who feints back into human form. Cloe drags him out of the hall just as El Cid decides he has figured out the device. With a touch of a finger to a jewel on the console, the island jerks to a stop.

With the console not responding anymore, the group is finally satisfied they have discovered all there is in the forsaken “cave”. They trek back upward to the light of day where they find themselves surrounded by the island natives. A large man, presumed earlier to be their leader, steps forward and throws the group’s gear on the ground. Displeased that his island is not moving anymore, he tells the trespassers to leave the island immediately, pointing toward the ship just off the beach line. The party agrees and makes for the shore.

However, as they make their way through the jungle to the beach, a group of ghouls block their path. These pale masses of muscle and fur smell the two crippled party members and close in, hoping for an easy meal. A bloody fight ensues as two team members are on the brink of death. Just as they are surrounded, Cloe lights and tosses her hand grenade and runs. Bits of ghoul shower the jungle and the few remaining flee in terror. Our heroes make it to the shore where a longboat awaits.



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