Castle Crashing

Session 6

A Collision of Inconvenience

Cloe and Yuri are escorted to the ancient cave where the “evil spirits” that need taming are supposedly haunting. Making their way into the depths, they come across a Castillian scholar who has been staying here a few days, having washed ashore after an unfortunate accident with his exploration vessel. He introduces himself as El Cid and offers to show our heroes around. At the bottom most level they come to a square room with a sealed door and some sort of control panel. Moans and banging echo from the door. With Yuri’s monocle and El Cid’s experience with ruins and artifacts, the team preps and then press a switch that slowly opens the double doors, evil waiting for them on the other size in the form of two undead walking toward them.

Meanwhile, on an empty Montaigne road during a warm day, Charles d’Éon and Mosca are riding horses and tossing rocks at each other, forgetting their troubles for a time. A black hound suddenly manifests, taking the small group by surprise. Mosca boldly throws himself between the demon mutt and his patron and all three disappear, leaving the humble servant Humphrey bewildered and alone.

They pop back into the world, with a horse, and slam into the backs of two people as they screech to a halt in a dim room. Cloe, Yuri, and El Cid pause at the unexpected company. The living seem to agree that the monsters should be the first order of business and set forth attacking the black wolf and zombies alike.

One of the said zombies grabs the confused horse and starts choking it as the other grabs d’Éon. After inserting it’s tendrils into the nobleman’s neck, it lets go and looks for another victim. The tendrils are cut before control can take over, but the horse is not so lucky and ends up a pawn for the now growing zombie population. The heroes eventually fend off the monsters, though without killing the teleporting black wolf, and assess their damage before introductions are made.



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