Castle Crashing

Session 3


Banged up and badly bruised, the group limps back to their ship. They spend the next eight to ten hours sleeping, only to wake up in more pain. The following morning, or more likely afternoon, our heroes explain to Captain Red how they retrieved their stolen rutter from Rochelle after defeating a small group of Eisens and somehow blowing up an estate, which they insist wasn’t their doing. Being that Rochelle also has a copy of the rutter’s coordinates, they decide to set sail that day.

Before they are ready to leave, the ship is approached by a group of Montaigne riffle men and Wandering Andre. The captain of the guard reads aloud a declaration of exoneration which he hands to Xavier. Marco translates. But that is not all. Wandering Andre, thankful for the help, has a gift for the crew. Two Syrneth artifacts, the first the crew has seen in person. Tear-drop shaped stones just small enough to fit into a fist, each on a length of leather to be worn as necklaces. The group thanks him, then turns to leave. Thankfully the Knight has a good heart and stops them so he can explain what they do before they try throwing them at someone. Must be the medication Ren is cooking up that causes their disorientation.

A few short hours later and the ship departs for eastern Castille, the starting point of the rutter. With a good distance between, Cap’n Red decides to stop for supplies at the Island of Bucca where the group can stretch their legs. Soon, the group should be feeling better, and then the hunt is on!



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