Castle Crashing

Session 2

In Which a House Explodes

Debating whether to take Wandering Andre’s offer or simply flee, the wanted men return to their ship under cover of darkness. They explain their plight to some of the other crew members who suggest staying since the captain isn’t back yet anyway. This seems a bit odd, as Captain Red never sleeps ashore if at all possible. But our heroes are tired and pass the notion, deciding to sleep the day off. Not content with that answer, Cloe and Yuri head into town looking for the captain. They find a few taverns where he had been, but the trail ends cold.

The next day, Captain Red strolls back aboard whistling a jaunty tune. The crew decides not to tell their captain what happened, and instead set off to meet Wandering Andre. Cloe puts her skills to use and makes some quick disguises, though by the time she gets to Marco she only has dresses left. Even with his mustache, Marco turns out better than the rest.

Having made it through town unnoticed, the adventurers feel they are in the clear. That is until one of the guards on the outskirts of town recognizes Xavier and grabs his spear to take in the murderer! A quick scuffle puts the guards down, but not without another death. Jose took it upon himself to kill both guards before the rest of the crew knows what’s happened. They decide to hide the bodies and move on, but it will be hard to forget such a grievance.

Finally they meet up with the Knight of the Rose and Cross who has some crude drawings of Rochelle’s estate. He has not yet made it inside, so he does not know the layout, but does know a bit about her guards. They are Eisen, the best money can buy, but the group out numbers them. He needs the heroes to distract the guards so that he may enter unnoticed and secure a book, but he does not tell them what the book is. Xavier is suspicious.

With half a plan and double the moxie, the group approaches Rochelle’s estate. A two-story building with a stable in front and a small quarter out back, the heroes try to enter from multiple angles by scaling the five foot wall surrounding their target. Jose crosses first, ducking behind the stable. Ren approaches from the other side of the front wall, peeking over and readying his bow. Cloe follows Wandering Andre around back, hoping to discover what book he’s seeking. Xavier hops the front wall after hearing Jose in battle with a guard and starts swinging his massive hammer. None seemed to notice the absence of Yuri, who, with his Pyeryem magic, had turned into a goshawk to find the best vantage point. Swords clash, guard dogs attack, arrows fly. Yuri lands with the plan of turning into a wolf, but his luck runs out and he is instead attacked by one of the dogs. Now stuck in bird form, he tries to pick up a torch from the stable but cannot get close enough to the flame. Jose holds his own, impressive for a bookworm. Ren takes down a guard with his arrows, but cannot hold his own in hand-to-hand combat. Between Ren and Xavier, they take another guard down, though not without serious injury to themselves. They enter the house, following Jose who is already upstairs holding a smoking pistol. Before him is the head guard Heinrich, with two bullet holes in his breastplate. Rochelle is copying something feverishly from one book to another while her Eisen holds off the heroes. A few blows shared between Jose and Heinrich until the burly Eisen gives and lowers his guard. The pay wasn’t that good, it seems. Rochelle curses the frailty of men and takes off with her book.

All the while Cloe was following Wandering Andre. They enter through a back window and search the ground floor. In the kitchen they come across a dumbwaiter which Andre squeezes into and asks Cloe to help him up. She does, and when the dumbwaiter returns it is empty. She follows suite, climbing into the wooden box and hoisting herself up to the top floor, only to find an empty bedroom. She searches about, manages to find some items worth taking, and heads out the door. She arrives in the library just after Rochelle has left through the opposite door. She picks up the book left on the table, but isn’t able to read it. Thankfully Ren is right there and recognizes the book as their missing rutter! Content with collecting their missing item, the group heads out the front door and into the night, leaving the Knight to attend to Rochelle on his own. Not ten yards past the gate, there is flash of light as brilliant as the sun and the sound of a huge explosion. They turn to see Rochelle’s manor in flames, the back half of the building blown out by Theus knows what. The sound wakes the city and men come running up to put out the fire, the confusion allowing our group to pass back to their ship unnoticed.



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