Castle Crashing

Session 1

To Gain and Lose a Rutter

Our story begins in the port town of L’eau Noir where Cap’n Red has just docked his boat, the Salty Dog. Ren, Xavier, and Marco set out immediately for a fresh drink of grog. Wandering into the first tavern they spy, they sit down with drinks and plan how to spend their few days ashore. Fenald decides to find a more suitable environment and wanders inland a few more blocks to find a posh tavern to order wine.

After a few rounds, a man approaches Ren and Xavier offering to sell them an item he promises is of extreme interest. He presents a book of numbers that stumps Xavier but piques the interest of Ren. Thirty guilder later, Ren is the proud owner of what he’s been told is a lost rutter of famed Rig Hval. Fenald finds them moments later (on his way back to the ship) and looks over the new item. He’s pretty sure this rutter is in fact that of Rig Hval, and determines the starting location off the coast of Castille and an ending location somewhere east, possibly on a small Vodacce isle. They decide it would be better to sleep on land and get rooms at the tavern.

The next morning, as the party is leaving, they are greeted by a group of musketeers and their captain. Ordered to surrender for the murder of a man named Tanner, the group decides going with these men would be more productive than running. After all, they are innocent… right?

In jail, they find that Tanner was the man who sold them the rutter, and was found dead during the night. They are scheduled to appear in court in three day’s time. A woman dressed in rags in the cell across from them says her name is Rochelle, and that she has managed to slip a key from a guard. With her key and the heroes’ strength, they can bust free! The party agrees to this plan, and also end up freeing three other prisoners. After a brief melee, the party follows Rochelle upstairs just in time to see her stealing the rutter and making her escape via rooftop.

Unable to find their gear, the party leaps out the window in pursuit. With rifle fire from behind and the threat of plunging to possible death below, the heroes pursue Rochelle on slanted roof. Cursing, Rochelle suddenly drops between buildings. Ren follows blindly, only to land in large bale of hay, and the chase is still on! Finally off the roofs, Fenald gains the lead and leaps toward Rochelle in one large bound. Right before he topples her to the ground, the mysterious woman drinks something from a vial she had hidden, and blinks out of sight. With no trace of where the culprit may be, the party decides to return to the ship.

On the way back, they are approached by a man in a white cloak who tells them he can clear their names. He introduces himself as Wandering Andre, a Knight of the Rose and Cross. He tells the players that they were in fact set up by Rochelle, the real killer of Tanner, in order to find the rutter he carried. Andre is willing to speak on behalf of the party if they help him retrieve the rutter as proof. He mentions a small house east of the city where the group can meet with him if they choose to seek his help.



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